Grand Canyon

Creating the remote career has been up/down/up/down/up/down fro me most of the time. But i want to talk about the latest up :-).

Being me, means that I am the “firestarter” i get an idea and execute on that, so in December I heard that tumblr starting to censor their posts. So i decide to create new platform that will be uncensored and will offer similar functionality so i started writing and creating it, within first two weeks i had the prototype and yesterday I have launched v2. Its nasty code but it works and is out, and it already has 26 registered users, and thats the upside ( ). 

What i wan to say don’t be afraid to do things, go ahead and execute on your ideas, they might not work, but you will find one that works. Don’t regret the energy put in to these projects, even if nothing comes out of it you learn something. I have done all that on my spare time, while writing tenders for our company deals, managing the teams, helping in NGO’s i cooperate with, and basically doing my “normal” job.

I love being free although it sometimes means be down or work 18hrs days, but it is worth it. So go and execute on your ideas keep trying and get there.

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